I first got to know this young man through the Mohawk School District, where I was a student teacher and teachers’ aide two years ago. First, I must say that I am shocked at this horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the family of Kenzie Houk. However, this letter is about the character of Jordan Brown.

In school, Jordan was a student who had lots of friends and was very respectful to staff and students alike. He got along with most of the students he went to school with. Jordan was a hard worker and seemed to enjoy school.

There was never any kind of indication that Jordan was having problems with anybody at school or at home. In fact, he seemed excited about having a new family. I never heard a negative word about his new family.

Jordan loved playing sports and was rather good at what he did. When Jordan was told to do something, there was never an argument about it; he went and did it. He was always respectful to his friends and tried to help them in difficult situations. Jordan is an all-around great kid with no behavior problems that I have observed.

To prosecute this child as an adult with the possibility of taking away his whole life would be a sin.

As a former Corrections Officer, I can say an adult prison is no place for a child.  As a father and educator, I am asking you to please consider the life of this child and the life of his family. To put him in an adult prison is like saying there is no hope for you so we’re sending you to prison so society will have to deal with you no longer.

Children aren’t meant to be treated this way and Jordan is no different.


Justin M. Hickox

Bellefonte, PA