Save Jordan Brown

It is important that people who believe in justice for juveniles make known their support for Jordan Brown.

Without your support, it will be very difficult to transform the juvenile justice system into something worthy of a wise and compassionate nation, rather than the national disgrace it is today. Most immediately, however, your statement can help us turn the tide and achieve justice for Jordan Brown.

Please Speak Up. Jordan’s life and future depend on you!

To add your statement of support to this page, please go to “Contact Us” and e-mail us. We will excerpt a quote and post your entire statement. (If you wish for us to also publish a short description of your work or who you are, please provide that and we will post it, too.)

Father Val J. Peter is executive director emeritus of Boys and Girls Town, the world-famous youth rehabilitation institution founded by Father Edward J. Flannigan. According to The Congressional Record, Father Peter is “renowned as one of the principal supporters of youth in the world.”

“Believe me, Jordan deserves your support as he has mine. This boy is innocent.”