Save Jordan Brown

Jody Kent is director and national coordinator of the Washington DC–based Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, a national campaign dedicated to ending the practice of sentencing youth to life in prison without the opportunity to prove remorse and rehabilitation.

“This case provides an example of the tremendously irrational approach to juvenile crime our nation has adopted.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial:

“By any sensible reckoning, Jordan Brown was a child when this crime was committed and he should be tried as a juvenile, not as an adult.”
“While children who kill can be tried as adults, that option shouldn't be invoked in one so young—and it would shame Pennsylvania if it were done so here. If tried and convicted of first-degree murder in adult court and sentenced to life in prison without parole, it is believed he would be the youngest person in the United States serving such a sentence.
This tragedy will only be compounded if this child is treated like the adult he wasn't at age 11. However we might like to deny it, a child accused of killing is still a child.”